Scott Ozsik

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Scott Ozsik is the crush of Taylor. He is very handsome, and also cares for Taylor as well.


When Scott told Taylor that he had found out about someone hacking into her Cliquesters profile and changing her status, he then remarked that he couldn’t believe that somebody would do something like that, and that it sucked. Taylor confessed to Scott that it was bad, and that it had been her brother who had done that. Upon hearing that, Scott replied, “Oh man, your brother? Really? You think I should have a chat with him? You know, straighten him out, or…?” while first pushing his fist into his palm and then giving her two thumbs-up while grinning. Taylor laughed and said “Please, yes”, thinking that the very scene Scott had described was a great idea. He then asks her to the Spring Fling Dance, which she accepts.

But when things slip for Taylor, he rejects her by not taking her to the dance and saying that his mom made him take someone else to the dance; as a result, he starts treating Taylor badly. But in the end, he apologizes, and she forgives him. At the end, he is seen with Taylor and her friends and standing up to Lindsay.