• Staceymike31

    People like Lindsay Fordyce and her friend want to make Taylor Hillridge and her mother Kis Hillridge make upset but Taylor she almost killed her self but glad Samantha found her before she did it but i can say this is all Lindsay and her friends falut.Staceymike31 (talk) 16:46, January 31, 2018 (UTC) Stacey mikesell

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  • Degrassigirl07

    You hear all those stories of cliques and the popular people.

    There's a group of them in almost every school. And then of course, there's everyone else. Everyone else would usually fit into two basic categories: the ones who completely hate them, and the ones who would do absolutely anything to be a part of them. Luckily, that doesn't happen all the time. When you are everyone else, there's no median or go-between within the groups.

    It's simple, and the whole "You don't like me? I don't like you" makes for good drama. There is something about the stalking and strange obsessions that turn the "in-crowd" to hatred.

    Almost every teenager has been the victim and th…

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  • Degrassigirl07


    November 30, 2012 by Degrassigirl07

    I myself dislike bullying. I believe it should be banned.

    Now with texting and IMing and MySpace and YouTube, bullies don't have to confront their victims face-to-face in the school-yard like they did in the days before computers and technology. Instead, they can hide in the shadows and torture their victims online. It's called "cyberbullying".

    Well, I, for one, want to say something here. Bullying is not only realistic, but it's also a good topic for a writer like me to write and/or type up stories about as well. Plus, even though it does happen in real life as well as books, movies and music videos, it has gotten a lot of attention over the years as well.

    One …

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